Chomorng I


Chamnorng 1 (2014)

My photography teacher, Chan Vitharin is the owner of these photos. They are important to him because all the pictures keep an important memory and connect to his life. This project has made him think more about his own family photographs. He admits he has spent most of his time creating his own artistic photographs, rather than focusing on history. The first picture shows his father when he was young, with friends and work colleagues. He cannot remember who they all are even his father was not clear so he has tried to write down who they are at the back.

Another photo is about when his family sent his uncle to the airport for international study.

“When I brought them to the airport, I thought to myself, why I was always the only one who sent them off; because if I tried to study harder, I would be able to go abroad like them.”

The last photo reminds him about one of his first lessons in photography. His brother asked him to take a picture and he doesn’t know anything so he just took the film roll out of the camera and some of pictures were burnt in the light.

All of Vitharin’s photos remind me about my own family memory. We never had older pictures even when I was young. All our pictures are lost. It makes me think about the long story that my family has and sometime I really want to build this story and share to someone or just keep it as my memory.

After I interviewed Vitharin I was really interested in what he told me about his work and life; living in a good family, his father as a teacher and mother as a housewife. He only has brothers, but they all get along together. It is like a tie that links all of them together with peace. For my own family, I think it is very important to try to get along together because in our whole life family will always stay with you even if you are happy or not. They never let you go, so be kind and take care for all people around you, so you will get back the happiness in your life.

Neak Sophal (b.1989, Takeo province, Cambodia), graduated at Royal University of Fine Arts in 2013. Most of my work focuses on people or social issues because I think we are all living in the same world but under different ways. I try to show what I see and think through my photos. I hope these pictures give a clear message. I don’t mean I want to change society or people, I just hope that people have a chance to see the issue and think about it.

Quote for additional sticker printing:

“We should always be good to each other… understanding of each other is very essential in our life.” Chan Vitharin